I've been a collector of minerals since the age of nine.  It all began with a neat little agate from my Grandmother during a trip to West Germany.  I couldn't stop looking at it and wondered what other kinds of 'rocks' came out of the Earth.  A few books and years later I joined the 'Mineral of the Month Club'.  I could'nt wait for the next mineral, price list. and reading through the mineral descriptions with my mineral books at my side.  I was also lucky enough to find a mineral shop in a nearby city.  That's when I started asking to go shopping with my parents!

It was my dream for many years to open a 'Rock Shop' and always be surrounded by fantastic treasures from the Earth, collected from around the world, and chating with fellow collectors.  I hope that throughout the years that those who visit find pleasure in what they see and maybe stop for a moment to chat and add another treasure to their collection or maybe start someone out in this hobby.

- Peter Bauer -

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Fluorite with quartz. A little fluorite just on the top of the orthoclase.
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